Professional Advisor Newsletter

June 2019

Donor-nonprofit relations can't be ignored

Your clients want to make a difference by supporting important causes. The team at the Community Foundation keeps its finger on the pulse of our community to help you and your clients structure grants and charitable giving plans to improve the lives of people in our region. Our expertise enables us to work with you to help your clients navigate relationships with favorite nonprofits.

Track the developing story about the opioid crisis and its ripple effect that's forcing grantees of a family's philanthropy to face tough decisions. 

2017's tax cuts are still a hot topic in the philanthropy world 

Whatever your clients' tax situations, our team is here to help you design charitable giving plans that meet their needs. This is really important as the buzz continues to grow among policy makers who are beginning to project how proposed tax law changes might help prevent anticipated declines in charitable giving resulting from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

Take a quick glance at the Independent Sector's report, released this month, for an overview of emerging policy change options that could impact the way you assist your charitable clients with tax planning.   

An oldie but a goodie

Even under the new tax laws, it's still a great strategy for clients to give shares of highly appreciated stock to a fund at the Community Foundation, receive a tax deduction, and then replace the stock outside the fund by purchasing more shares. This also increases the cost basis of the client's portfolio, resulting in an additional tax benefit when the new shares are sold in the future. 

Our team works alongside you to help a client create a legacy by establishing a fund to receive highly appreciated stock and accomplish charitable goals.  

Don't miss an opportunity to engage the next generation

InvestmentNews revealed that as many as two-thirds of heirs wind up firing their parents' wealth advisors, largely due to the heirs' lack of connection to the advisor. Our team helps you create "emotionally sticky" philanthropy plans that keep your expertise involved and relevant across client generations.    

The Community Foundation has the tools to help you engage the next generation philanthropists. For example, parents and grandparents can give the gift of a donor-advised fund through the Community Foundation. It's the perfect recommendation for your clients who ask for your help in getting their children involved.