Our community is a better place because of the hundreds of nonprofit organizations serving thousands of families. Learn how we work with organizations like yours to fulfill our shared vision for improving the quality of life in our region. Beyond the grant opportunities, we can work with your organization to create a nonprofit fund to manage your reserves, endowment, or special projects. We can also discuss options for our back office team to help you with planned giving and related back office activities.  



Thanks to the generosity of individuals, families, and businesses, our foundation administers several opportunities for nonprofits in our region to apply for financial support. Each opportunity is unique. This is because the donors who established the funds have thoughtfully constructed areas of focus, grant guidelines, and parameters for support to fulfill their own visions for improving the quality of life in our community.


OUR leadership

Learn more about the foundation's role as a community catalyst.


Find out whether a grant opportunity may be a fit for your organization. 



We know you have lots of questions! Learn the answers to common inquiries. 


We are a community catalyst. The board and staff at the foundation are passionate about improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. That means we always have our finger on the pulse of the region's most pressing issues.

Our leadership initiatives range from convening donors to learn about an emerging community need, to quickly establishing a relief fund when disaster strikes, to investing discretionary grant dollars to achieve positive community outcomes. 

Watch for news and events to learn more about how the our leadership and the power of philanthropy work together to make life better for the people we serve. 

How to Apply

Step 1

Review our list of Grant Opportunities. We update this list frequently as new funds and grant opportunities are added. Each grant opportunity includes a summary of the parameters and timing for applications.

Step 2

Review our Frequently Asked Questions to be sure you've learned as much as you can about how our grant making works. 

Step 3

Apply for the grant by completing the forms indicated for each opportunity, as described in our Grant Opportunities resource sheet.  



There is no set range; rather, the dollar amount of each grant depends on the fund making the grant, the purpose of the grant, and the timeframe for results to be achieved. 

Who is making the decisions about which projects to fund?

Decision-makers depend on the fund from which the grant is made. For example, grant making decisions about dollars flowing from our leadership funds are made by our board of directors, while legacy funds established by a family are made by family members and the people they appoint. 

is every grant evaluated? 

Grant making effectiveness is important across the board, and we encourage donors to adopt evaluation procedures that best align with achieving their philanthropic goals. Evaluation practices are determined by the individuals, families, and boards of directors who oversee each grant making fund.  

do you follow a standard set of geographic restrictions?

Although the majority of grants from funds are made to nonprofit organizations in our region, the geographic reach of a particular grant depends on the philanthropic goals and intentions of the donors who established the fund.