2016 was a record year for Greater Black Point's growing culture of philanthropy. Find out why! 


2016 highlights


In 2016, our donors contributed cash, stock, and other assets to their funds, bringing our asset total to $85,248,317 by December 31. It's a big number, but more importantly, it represents the culture of philanthropy in our region and our foundation's commitment to helping it grow. 


Through funds at the foundation, our donors are responsible for $13,639,680 in grants distributed to nonprofit organizations in 2016. What's more, a total of 82% of the support flowed to organizations and causes in the Greater Black Point region. Now that's something to celebrate!


2016 was a big year for events and donor education at the foundation. More and more families, individuals, and businesses are consulting the experts at the foundation to learn about their favorite causes and innovative ways to support their critical missions. You'll love learning about all of it!   

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Celebrating the next generation

At the foundation. you're treated like family. That's why we're celebrating all generations of donors in this Annual Report. We know you're doing lots of good for Greater Black Point through volunteering, recycling, serving on boards, sharing with colleagues in need, celebrating at community events, and caring about your own health and wellness. Enjoy!

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Moments in Our Community

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Getting in touch with your good side

$2,974. What’s significant about that number? According to Giving USA, $2,974 was the average amount of household giving to charities in America in 2015. Think about that for a moment. What popped into your mind?  If you are like most people, you’ll immediately start thinking about money flowing into charitable organizations and worthy causes. You might start thinking about well-known nonprofit organizations. Maybe a few of the your favorite charities in our region will come to mind. 

You might also be thinking about your own charitable giving behavior:

  • “I’ve been giving to a scholarship fund at my alma mater for 10 years.”
  • “I regularly drop coins in the bucket during the holiday season, and sometimes I throw in a dollar.”
  • “Our family has supported the local animal shelter since I was a child, and we always write a check at the end of the year.”
  • “We give to the regional hospital foundation in honor of family members who have been treated there.”
  • “When I read the news about overseas humanitarian relief efforts, I am compelled to make a gift. I feel so badly for those children who are hungry.”

Now think about the last time you gave money to your favorite charity. How did you feel? Here are a few common answers people give when they are asked that question:

  • “Grateful for what I have”
  • “Empowered that I can help others”
  • “Happy that I can do something for people in need”
  • “Fulfilled that I can share what I have with people who do not have enough”
  • “Enriched because I know I am making lives better for others”
  • “Balanced because I am giving back to the community that has enabled me to be successful”

Does any of that ring a bell with you? If these statements feel even the slightest bit familiar, you are in good company! That's what the foundation is all about. 

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