What is KCRI Cares?

KCRI Cares is the community engagement Program at KCRI Pet Resorts. The program is organized through this Social Impact Platform and it is overseen by program administrators. 

KCRI Cares has two components:

  • Employee-Driven Support

  • Company-Driven Support


This company cares about the causes our employees love the most. That's why our community engagement program starts with employees. Through a diagnostic called "Social Impact Culture Type," our community engagement program utilizes data-driven criteria to inform its charitable gifts, event sponsorships, and community engagement opportunities based on employees' preferences for "doing good."   

Charitable gifts & event sponsorships

Employees are encouraged to complete the Charitable Gift Recommendation Form, administered through this Social Impact Platform. To align giving with the priorities our employees care about, program administrators will vet each request using an Evaluation Matrix Tool that is based on the company's unique Social Impact Culture Type.

Please note:  To be eligible for a Charitable Gift, a nonprofit organization must be qualified under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), excluding organizations with a primarily religious purpose. In addition, strong preference is given to nonprofit organizations that operate in a community where our company conducts business. 

Community engagement opportunities

As part of this community engagement program, and based on the company's Social Impact Culture Type, the company may offer one or more Community Engagement Opportunities each year. Opportunities may include: 

  • Volunteering.  This refers to opportunities for employees to volunteer together during work hours, on company time, and/or participate in a drive to collect basic necessities, such as food, clothing, first aid,  for families in need. Examples include activities such as a holiday “Adopt a Family” initiative or collecting school supplies at the end of the summer. The company may also host “Days of Service,” scheduled periodically for employees to work together in the community.   

  • Events.  This refers to employee attendance with colleagues, family and/or friends at one or more community events sponsored through the company's financial support. These are opportunities to celebrate as a team the difference our company is making in the community.  

  • Education.  This refers to opportunities for employees to learn about ways to make a difference in the community, delivered through online tutorials and workshops, addressing five key best practices areas in community engagement:

    • Community. Tools for effectively selecting a nonprofit for giving and volunteering.

    • Lifestyle. Tips for incorporating "doing good" into your every day activities as part of a well-rounded life.

    • Success. Ways to combine community involvement with your own personal and professional growth.

    • Money. Financial basics for charitable giving, including tax benefits of charitable contributions.

    • Family. Ideas for meaningful engagement of your extended group of family and friends in your philanthropy activities.


In addition to Employee-Driven Support, our company's community engagement program is designed to support charitable causes and community events that relate to (1) longstanding community priorities of the company; (2) key community initiatives where the company can provide leadership; (3) and/or addressing community needs that support a strong workforce pipeline, healthy industry ecosystem, and the success of employees and their families outside of the workplace. To further these objectives, in addition to reviewing requests received from nonprofit organizations, the program administrators may also research nonprofit organizations to make grants to specific organizations, for a specific purpose.